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Sunday, December 18, 2011

P G & E, Gratitude

Like the blossoms on this flower, Gratitude can multiply and unfurl.

Several weeks ago I wrote about PG & E, and our refrig.. Just to fill you in.
The parts came in for the refrigerator, and it is humming quietly, keeping everything wonderful and cold... and it was before Thanksgiving, so we were very fortunate that is was not the holiday week-end...
PG & E, were true to their word, and after filing the proper papers they paid for the repair and the food that was spoiled... A kind sounding gentleman called to inform us that the check was on the way.. In the mean time I found out that our DVD player was also not working, and mentioned it to the claims person. I suggested waiting to have our son check it out, because he is better at electrical devices.

When the family came to visit at Thanksgiving he checked it and yes, the circuit board had blown also... We bought a new one on sale at the local Radio Shack that week-end.

I called the number that the PG & E man gave me and left a message.. I received a call stating that that sounded fair and a follow -up check was in the mail... We appreciate the help that PG & E gave us and the kind live man on the other end of the phone.

Gifts come in different size packages, sometimes we recognize them and sometimes, they are so small they go unnoticed..

Especially at this season, the season for giving and receiving.. We feel gratitude for our refrigerator, our electrical system and everything that makes our life so much easier..
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