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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Power Surge, P G & E

Finally, after being told 8 years ago, that we were 100th, on the list to receive an Electrical Pole. They came and changed ours out.
Since it would be from 8 Am till 3, we thought it best to rearrange our schedule and go away for the day.. So off to Fresno we went, giving no more thought to the workman... By the way they had come out 2 weeks ago, but forgot the pole.. enough said on that.

We got home about 5 and rushed out to feed the animals, then off to another meeting in Oakhurst.. Home about 9, and never gave a thought to anything, checked out emails, then to bed... Busy the next day, never looked in the refrig.... Hummm.

Guess the power surge had blown out the refrig, with the lights on inside! When I went to get something the next day.... what a mess! Everything was defrosted and warm.... we have a side by side G.E. Sears would be 10 days before they could come, so I called our local Fixit Refrig people, Fulmers,, He said he would make some adjustments in his schedule and come out.. There was a big black spot on the circuit board.... the power when it came on, blew out the refrig... Never thought to put a surge protector on the refrig, and we have been here 10 years.... and at some times had power outages, but nothing had happened till now..

We are still waiting for the parts......hope they can fix it!
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