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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Postmarkd'art- letter B

At Postmarkd'art,we are exchanging letters of the Alphabet, and I drew the letter B.. At first I was not sure what I could make and then it came to me.. cut the card in half... I used some of my hand dyed fabrics, and rubber stamped with Stewart Gill paints..

I outlined the "B" with stitching, cut the card in half, sewed around the two edges and zigzagged them back together. I wanted to have some space in between,  but when I stitched it, it was too hard to fight my sewing machine.. The first one is for me, and did not have it so exaggerated, but I like this one better. That is why the first one is always for me...the experiment.

Be sure to check Postmarkd'arts new blog web site..  Franki Kohler and the ladies have done a magnificent job on putting that together. There is information on new skills for Fabric Postcards, a gallery, information regarding other projects, links to the members and a ton of interesting ideas. Stop in and Say HI, maybe you would also like to join us on the next round.  So be sure to sign in.

I still or will always have a great learning curve with all these new devices.. Was at the Apple store for an hour on Wed.. learning new things with my NEW I Phone... I even turn it on when I am not at home. Now I just have to give out my phone number!
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