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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Our Wild Lands" Art Exhibition 2011

"Our Wild Lands" a juried  Exhibition put on by Sierra Art Trails at the Stellar Gallery, open till December 4th. in Oakhurst, Calif.

My piece " Reflections", is a whole cloth, hand dyed cotton fiber, machine quilted piece with leaves stenciled along the base.

"Love it, Don't Leave It" was inspired one day, when I was  picking up trash along the road way.  Of course, I had to use pop tops, but also some found pieces. I incorporated rubbings with oil paint sticks, hand dyed fabrics, stencils that I made, beading, hand dyed threads and a copper piece I found in the plumbing department at a Lowe's store is used as hanger. It has machine and hand quilting.

We had a good turn out, guitar music and refreshments.  I enjoy creating for a Theme, especially when it relates to the area we live in.. I have to  focus on the different aspects and sort through a variety of possibilities, gets my creative juices flowing..  Usually it is a short time frame that gets in the way and I need to review what I want to say, it is fun to have a message that the viewers appreciate.

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  1. Your work made a beautiful contribution to this show! I especially love "Love it, Don't Leave it!" ... both the beautiful work and the thought behind it.

  2. thank you Joyce.... It was fun that both our work was accepted to the exhibition. I especially love that some people are making 3 dimensional installations, it really adds to the ambiance. I hope people traveling in the Oakhurst area over the holidays, have the opportunity to stop in at Gallery Row on highway 41, ca. Remember we have a special celebration happening...

  3. You are so creative and innovative. I loved both of your entries. Great Work dear friend.


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