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Monday, October 10, 2011

Trash Pick up in the Mountain Community

Keeping our cities and country area's picked up is everyone's job. #1. is making sure trash does not escape your car, or blow out of your truck.

Yup!  that is a Vodka bottle, guess that person did not want to show that they had been drinking, hope they got safely home and did not kill anyone.

This time I found it interesting.. In the two hours + that I was out, I found less cans or bottles and more of these types of cups.. Guess people are keeping the cans to turn into money. I was shocked at how fast the plastic tops on these disintegrate into a million pieces when I tried to pick them up, the cups were still very hardy.

There were to go cups from all the franchise restaurants in Oakhurst,, I was picking up in Coarsegold area, about 14 miles from the nearest coffee or soda place.. Also one from the Valley. I am not naming them because it is not their fault,,, it is the fault of the person in the car.

Our county and others don't have the funds to hire people to pick up the trash, and why should they, so let's all be more attentive to our surroundings and keep our cities and country/rural areas picked up..

Below is the start of the pile that neighbors and volunteers in the Coarsegold area picked up... Notice your highways, and notice what is happening.. do your part locally, it only takes a little time.. Buddy up with a friend, great time to chat, it is very relaxing and it is amazing what you find. One time we even found money.  Easier then panning for gold..

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