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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sierra Art Trails Opening 2011

Sierra Art Trails opening this year was on Friday.  It started out quiet and ended quiet, but no rain storms, and not that hot. So the weather is good.  Last year it poured during the night and Kathleen's EZ up almost fell. It was scary.. but weather is expected to be good all week-end... I say with fingers crossed.
Lots of friends did drop by and some promising to come back.. The artists that were not open on Friday took the opportunity to check out other sites..

I am showing a bit of everything I worked on all year. Journal books, Pray flags, scarves, Gourds, and gourd necklaces, hand dyed, & stenciled T. shirts, hand dyed socks, woven baskets, earrings,

photography, cards, and dyed and stenciled napkins.  Magnetic bracelets, beaded necklaces.  Kathleen's booth was busy with people enjoying her watercolors. They are amazing with all the bright colors.. Maybe tomorrow, I will show another photo of her booth.

 One of my quilted kites is hanging on the back wall.  Oh, I also brought some of my photography and watercolor paintings...
In looking at all that I brought, I had a moment to ruminate about what keeps me happy. 
Creating Art.
Come by if you have an opportunity, tell us about the other locations.  When we are working Sierra Art Trails we don't have a chance to see what the other artists art showing.
Our artist friends are all over the mountains and hills, Coarsegold,  Carolyn Hartling , is a pastel and watercolor artist, there are a variety of sculptures, jewelry artists, and Anita Stoll with her beautiful pastel art.
Joan Constable has just opened her own studio in Oakhurst, and Joyce Wycoff is at McDonald's, so stop in there for a hamburger and Fries, and see her magnificent Digital Photography.
Shela Boyd is at her husbands new location, and you will be amazed at what she can Airbrush on, everything from leather to Granite,,, or maybe your car!
The Hoffman's are in Mariposa with photography and pastels. Jerry Boswell is in Oakhurst with his magnificent black and white photographs of Yosemite.  And don't forget we all have work at the Stellar Gallery, and many have work at Timberline..
So come have fun!  Today and Sunday!
Buy the catalog and see the variety, almost 100 artists are showing!

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  1. Beautiful work! Have a wonderful show - I wish I loved closer. . .


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