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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sierra Art Trails.... last day

Another fun year with Sierra Art Trails... I have participated in 7 of the 9 Sierra Art Trails week-ends.. Next year will be the 10th year... There are already thoughts being expressed on how to make next year special and  exciting.

Kimee was reading Tarot cards this year. If you missed this you missed the fun.    She explained about her many different beautiful decks of cards and the symbols, very interesting.. The big message for me was getting out of my own way and to stop the chatter in my head..Along with my TO DO list... relax and enjoy the moment...

Wish I knew how to do that, because I was so wound up after we took everything down that I was awake till the early hours of the morning.

I thought about all the lovely people we met, and the discussions on the variety styles of art represented and sites that they had visited. Sharing visions and techniques with artists and guests is one of the high lights.

Unpacking.... and putting away... lots of other projects to be completed.  Never a dull moment. Remember you can always call when you are in the area, or planning to be in the area.. My studio might not be cleaned up, but would enjoy meeting you. For those in the area, if you remember something you did not buy, or want some item for the holidays... be sure to contact me.

 I love Morning Glories... You would think that with all our heat they would bloom early in the spring or at least in the middle of the summer,,, But no, I just have a few come back every year to share their beautiful blue/lavender color. There is no fragrance, and their vines remind me of perseverance.
Fall is coming soon,, perhaps even rain this week.. My Ah Ha moment.

I am very grateful that during this week-end we had gorgeous sunny weather.. Perfect for the 2011 Art Trails. If you missed it this year, please put it on your calendar for 2012, we would love to meet you.

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