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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kathleen Mattox - Gallery- Sanger

Gallery Opening, last week for Kathleen Mattox. If you were not there, you missed all the fun and seeing her beautiful new studio and gallery.. It is in a darling little building all built of bricks in downtown Sanger. I am sure there is a history to this wonderful little building.

Kathleen and her hubby, Roy,  repainted the whole inside with a wonderful shade of peach.. her beautiful paintings sparkled on the walls, everything looked fresh and inviting.. naturally there were munchies and goodies.. Joyce Wycoff  (Below) commented on how beautifully Kathleen set everything up..  Even the shower area.. but you have to see for your self.

Kathleen told us she had visitors all day, and they were still going at it when we arrived at 4 pm. She was featured in a local newspaper also. I did not get a photo of  her hubby and the men playing their instruments out side,,, but see Kathleen is playing beautiful music with her group of musicians.  Multi talented lady..
If you are not familiar with Kathleen and her amazing art, be sure to check her out on her blog, web or Facebook...She has art work that would make great Christmas presents.

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  1. Vivian, thank you so much for the wonderful write up, the link, and the great photos which I hope you don't mind if I use some of them in my own future posts. It was great that you and Joyce were part of the opening. It was just a great day with over 70 visitors. My little woodwind group is called "The Second Chair". I play oboe, Linda Gibbs plays flute, Sheila Otteson plays bassoon, and Jan Coyne and Mitzi Naito play clarinet. We get together every Monday morning to start our week off with music. Thanks for coming last Saturday and for sharing news of my gallery opening on your wonderful blog!


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