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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yoyo Gathering

Once a month the "YoYo Sewciety" gets together, to show and tell, eat, laugh, and enjoy each other. We are all members of the Sierra Mountain Quilters.. Above is Kathy peeking out from her newly completed Red, White, and Blue Quilt.. I think most of these if not all are from a Shop Hop in the Valley..   Looks great!

I remember when she bought this fabric at the Madera Quilt Show,, all pieces are different. Recently we saw some cups and plates at Hobby Lobby in Visalia.. fun set...
Well, I am having trouble writing below the last photo again,,, If any one has an answer let me know.

This remarkable star Quilt is by Cathy's husband Lowell.  He pieced two designs he had seen, and now is hand quilting the whole quilt.. One thing they will not be fighting at the quilt store for a certain fabric, this quilting project is going to keep him busy for a long time...All his quilts are amazing..

I did not make a typo,,, we have 2 Cathy's/Kathy's in our group the C &; the K... Had a fun day with our salad luncheon, shopping at the local quilt store, and browsing through Hobby Lobby.. Planning, yes we are planning a 4 day get away in November to the beach, and we are working on our next challenge.. Stay tuned!

Hey, for some reason, I got some space here.  Today, am off to set up for Sierra Art Trails, hope you can make it by... my husband is helping set up the tent.. Maybe after all this is done I can clean up the studio and make some sense of my work space... that might be a passing thought.

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  1. Have fun on the Art Trail!!! I loved the photos here:) Lowell's quilt is a-ma-zing!!!


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