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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sierra Art Trails Reception

Anita Stoll at the reception in front of her pastel Landscape. Sorry Anita, I don't remember the name of your piece. Anita was at Allards Art Supply in Fresno most of the day, demonstrating for a crowd of artists for 4 hours.. This lady has amazing energy, besides her amazing talent.
Her meadows make me want to jump in the painting...

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I tried something new for this show. "The Neighborhood" is framed, background and grass areas are my hand dyed fabrics, the rest is commercial fabrics, even added some beading.. Great fun making a whimsical piece.

Artist friends think I should do a series, not sure about that yet.....

One of our local photographers Lori Ann Cole and Mark Heliger put together a slide show of the artists at the Reception, showing the artists locations in the "Trails" catalog. More later.

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