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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Search and Resue Trailer, mosquito netting

Bias tape is something we all find in old sewing containers at Garage Sales. My mom had tons in her button box with bits of lace. Some of the colors were pretty ugly.. bright orange etc.. So I threw them in dye pots.

My husband wanted me to make some mosquito covers for the windows/ doors of his Search and Rescue trailer.. They have a week-end training coming up.

He caught me before all the bias tape was dyed.. We measured and put the sticky velcro on the metal inside of the trailer and I applied the Orange bias tape to the screening.

then sewed the non-sticky velcro to the binding and screening.

He does not have the "window" open in this shot,, but it works. Now to see if he comes home with any mosquito bites..
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  1. Brilliant!!! What type of dye do you use on the tape??? I have tons all in yucko colors!!!


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