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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paint- Anger Management ?

We live in the country.. The area we live in is called "The Knolls", There is a white fence on either side of the entry. Suddenly, a mystery happened.. the fence is pinkish and yellow.

Not exactly the color for a country fence and entry to about 60 homes that are on land from 2- 60+ acres.
Every one was thinking it was kids, and figured out it happened between 2-6 in the day light.
As the mystery deepened, people then got upset.. so 2 of the residences said they would repaint it white, but could use a little financial assistance.

They gathered a bit of monies, bought the paint and were in the process of repainting the fence white..
When a lady came up and said it was her fence and she would keep it these colors till the person comes forward that turned in her horse trailer for being parked out in the road, day after day.

Couple of interesting points. 1. It is not her fence, 2. her horse trailer was parked illegally, and 3. she has room on her property to put it..

Now, the fence has been repainted white.. the signs are being repainted by one generous neighbor who likes to do detail painting.. and we will see what will happen.

We have an opportunity to learn from others. This is what makes life interesting.
A giggle for the day.

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