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Monday, September 5, 2011

Mono printing, with Fabric Dyes.

I do my fabric dyeing in the studio/laundry room.. Above I am dyeing some bamboo sticks.. you ask why?? I might need some red or black ones some day....looking at my wet scrap cloth that picks up the tiny particles of dye powder, so it will not fly all over, and thought I could use the top of my washer as a surface to Mono print... hummm.

I pulled up the cloth and smeared paint on the top of the washer,, after all it would just wipe clean.

I had some linen fabric that was soaking in the soda ash and laid it over the dyes I had put on the top of the washing machine.

Posted by PicasaI thought I would wrap the dyed cloth in alum. foil, this way the dyes would not migrate to another part of the fabric, and left them for 24 hours... oh, you want to see the finished cloth?

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