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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a Cow, not a llama, Life in the Country.

Life in the Country, went down to feed the llamas and since we have a black and white llama, at first I was not surprised, but as I got closer, round ears, horns and a tail... It's a cow! My husband had just left for 4 days with Search and Rescue... my first fear was that the llamas got out, and I could not find them... Our neighbor Monty and his son Matt, came to the rescue...

The llama's were at the far end of the field screaming their heads off, and giving warnings and the cow could care less.. Sometimes we let our llamas over to the neighbors to eat the weeds down.. so we opened all those gates, and they ran through to his place. Now, the men chased the cow, hoping to get it to run out a gate and it ran right through the fencing and in the the river area.

Hope he does not come back. However, neither will my llamas.. They would not even come for their favorite grain treat.. Ok, stay at the neighbors till later! I think I would also, if a cow had come into my home! Have no idea who he belongs to.. just so he does not come back!
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