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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heavenly Music, by Ellie Choate

Ellie Choate is the daughter of our P.E.O sister Gretchen and Bill Choate.. We were entertained by Ellie, with her magnificent harp. Sitting close to her as we did in this informal setting at Frankie Lee's home was an experience I will not soon forget.. We were able to ask lots of questions about the harp.. Most of us did not know about the foot pedals and her feet were almost as busy as her hands and fingers. She started playing the harp as a child, and now plays in T.V. shows, movies, Orchestras, and private parties. I am sure she is a marvelous teacher, and has great sense of humor.

I think I can safely say that almost everyone who has gone to the movies has heard Ellie play. You might not even recognize it as a harp.. truly amazing presentation! Thank you Ellie! She has a wonderful selection of C.D.'s, available. Meditating to her music is very relaxing..
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