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Monday, September 5, 2011

Daily Om,, Rest, Nap

I love to read the Daily Om, today's article is on resting/napping/ rejuvenating. Resting in the afternoon, is so much a part of the lives of so many of my friends.. I hate wasting the time to nap or rest. There are many reasons I probably should, but the day seems to escape me as it is... and I don't go late into the evening with chores,. Quitting about 6, dinner and then, I might create something by hand, sew on buttons,( not on clothes), read magazines, catch up on blogs, and a variety of things.

But to lay down during the day makes me feel like I might miss something, and if I read then I will fall asleep. I love the mornings with the sun just rising. Everything in the garden is fresh from their evening nap, bees are coming to life, and I have a gathering of hummingbirds. This summer they have been very demanding with the 3 feeders that are hanging on the back porch.

But back to naps.. My mother was older, in her 40's, when I turned up and I remember she always took naps when I was in my teens.. Hell to pay, if I made any noise and woke her up...

Maybe that is why I am not keen on naps.. Don't get me wrong, I do periodically lay down, but maybe that is once a year and at that time, I know I really need it.. The other thing I found out is that if the temperature in the house gets above 80 degrees, I fall asleep!
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