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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sierra Art Trails- set-up at Julie Mitchell's studio

Who ever said Ez-ups are easy... thankfully, my husband was with me this morning to set up the basics.
 Last year I realized I needed a rug,, so I painted a drop cloth and it worked well to cover the dust.

Kathleen and her hubby also showed up, with just the basics.. Tomorrow will show the transformation.
Below is Julie's studio,, still in the refining stage... Be sure to stop in, we are just off of Highway 41, near the Post Office in Coarsegold,, just follow the Orange Signs... 28, 29, & 30..

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yoyo Gathering

Once a month the "YoYo Sewciety" gets together, to show and tell, eat, laugh, and enjoy each other. We are all members of the Sierra Mountain Quilters.. Above is Kathy peeking out from her newly completed Red, White, and Blue Quilt.. I think most of these if not all are from a Shop Hop in the Valley..   Looks great!

I remember when she bought this fabric at the Madera Quilt Show,, all pieces are different. Recently we saw some cups and plates at Hobby Lobby in Visalia.. fun set...
Well, I am having trouble writing below the last photo again,,, If any one has an answer let me know.

This remarkable star Quilt is by Cathy's husband Lowell.  He pieced two designs he had seen, and now is hand quilting the whole quilt.. One thing they will not be fighting at the quilt store for a certain fabric, this quilting project is going to keep him busy for a long time...All his quilts are amazing..

I did not make a typo,,, we have 2 Cathy's/Kathy's in our group the C &; the K... Had a fun day with our salad luncheon, shopping at the local quilt store, and browsing through Hobby Lobby.. Planning, yes we are planning a 4 day get away in November to the beach, and we are working on our next challenge.. Stay tuned!

Hey, for some reason, I got some space here.  Today, am off to set up for Sierra Art Trails, hope you can make it by... my husband is helping set up the tent.. Maybe after all this is done I can clean up the studio and make some sense of my work space... that might be a passing thought.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sierra Art Trails, preparing

My outside sink. I rinse out the fabric after they have been sitting in the dye bath... I also use this area for cleaning my gourds..But today it is T-shirts, and scarves.

Had some fun with new dye colors, stenciled with fabric paints..  I will be showing these at Sierra Art Trails.
New wild scarf colors also...

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sierra Art Trails Opening Reception

Julie Mitchell and Joan Constable are part of the Sisters 7 group. It is interesting that all three of us are showing together in this one area.. although I didn't put mine in this shot..

Lori Ann Cole, not shown because she is behind the camera, comes to many of our art gatherings with camera in hand.. Her beautiful photography work can be seen at Lori@farstudio.net.
She is a very quiet lady. Thank you Lori, for being there and taking photos of the artists.

Mark Heliger, also seen on the (Yosemite Western Artists Site) and Lori put together this video of the evening and some of the artists;
http://sierramountainview.com/SAT_Animation.html. You might have to copy and paste this site..

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Sierra Art Trails coming soon, Timberline Gallery- Sept.

Keeping busy,, This month there was the change out of the gallery, Singing the Blues is the Theme for the next 2 months, in our special display room. The gals did a fabulous job at moving new pieces into the gallery, and rearranging it.. I put in my "Day of the Dead" piece. In this photo you can see work from Julie Mitchell and Valerie Runningwolf.

I am working to have some new pieces of jewelry as well as some new gourds ready for the "Trails" week-end..

This piece however went to Kimee, who has been a fantastic Angel in the Positive Living Centers book store.. We have a variety of art there, but this month much of the work will be moved around.
This gourd is called "Kimee's Healing Hands"
.. I had her draw her hands on paper several months ago. Then drew and burning them into the gourd, adding paint, staining, beads, natural wood, and a feather.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hearts for Christ Church, New Zealand

A while ago, I donated some fabric hearts I had made to the Christ Church project and my e-friend Evie Harris...on Alex Anderson there is an article about the wonderful  exhibition with all the donated hearts.
Sometimes we have an opportunity to do a small project that makes a wonderful  statement when all the pieces are in place.. We are all busy with our day to day living, working, enjoying and sharing.

I am so glad I took the time to participate. Thank you Evie for  putting this project together, I am sure it took on a life of it's own and grew with the love everyone showed by sending the hearts to New Zealand.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heavenly Music, by Ellie Choate

Ellie Choate is the daughter of our P.E.O sister Gretchen and Bill Choate.. We were entertained by Ellie, with her magnificent harp. Sitting close to her as we did in this informal setting at Frankie Lee's home was an experience I will not soon forget.. We were able to ask lots of questions about the harp.. Most of us did not know about the foot pedals and her feet were almost as busy as her hands and fingers. She started playing the harp as a child, and now plays in T.V. shows, movies, Orchestras, and private parties. I am sure she is a marvelous teacher, and has great sense of humor.

I think I can safely say that almost everyone who has gone to the movies has heard Ellie play. You might not even recognize it as a harp.. truly amazing presentation! Thank you Ellie! She has a wonderful selection of C.D.'s, available. Meditating to her music is very relaxing..
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Sierra Art Trails Reception

Anita Stoll at the reception in front of her pastel Landscape. Sorry Anita, I don't remember the name of your piece. Anita was at Allards Art Supply in Fresno most of the day, demonstrating for a crowd of artists for 4 hours.. This lady has amazing energy, besides her amazing talent.
Her meadows make me want to jump in the painting...

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I tried something new for this show. "The Neighborhood" is framed, background and grass areas are my hand dyed fabrics, the rest is commercial fabrics, even added some beading.. Great fun making a whimsical piece.

Artist friends think I should do a series, not sure about that yet.....

One of our local photographers Lori Ann Cole and Mark Heliger put together a slide show of the artists at the Reception, showing the artists locations in the "Trails" catalog. More later.

White Fence - The Knolls

With hard work from some of our neighbors our fence is white again... all fresh and clean looking... Some kind person, put little American Flags to celebrate and remember 9/11. Our street gets in the spirit of the holidays.. During Christmas time we have Holiday Wreaths on the fence .

This is very thoughtful of our neighbors and a nice welcome to the area.
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Cinema Place Gallery-opening Sept 21

Cinema Place Gallery, The Quiltessential Event.. Hope you can make it to see this Art Quilt Show in Hayward. Lura Schwarz-Smith is a neighbor and good friend. She helped me pack up my quilts and showed me how she wraps and ships by Fed Ex. I am so thankful, for her assistance with this.. We sent in separate boxes. Kerby, her husband entered 3, Lura has 3 in the show, and I have 2 pieces.

If you are out that way, please do stop in. I know many of the quilt artists and I am sure there are some fantastic pieces to be seen and bought.

Remember if you are ever out our way, Lura, Kerby and I, are all in the Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst. You can email us, and if we are in town we would be glad to meet you there. We also work on different days in the gallery. Sometimes the dates are printed on the Timberline Web site.. or call first. Since this is a co-op gallery each artist has a day a month to work. What ever your interest, I am sure we have an artist that knows that particular style.
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Prayer Flag #8, Bless All

Some friends wanted me to make them prayer flags.. It is fine when they all hang on a long rope or string. But when you hang just one it bends in the middle..

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So I cut a piece of a straw the width of the flag and slid the ribbon down the middle, so it has some support. Now it hangs straight. I am adding little tags on the back so that I know what number I am making next..
Bless all at this memorable Sept. 11th. Make everyone safe.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a Cow, not a llama, Life in the Country.

Life in the Country, went down to feed the llamas and since we have a black and white llama, at first I was not surprised, but as I got closer, round ears, horns and a tail... It's a cow! My husband had just left for 4 days with Search and Rescue... my first fear was that the llamas got out, and I could not find them... Our neighbor Monty and his son Matt, came to the rescue...

The llama's were at the far end of the field screaming their heads off, and giving warnings and the cow could care less.. Sometimes we let our llamas over to the neighbors to eat the weeds down.. so we opened all those gates, and they ran through to his place. Now, the men chased the cow, hoping to get it to run out a gate and it ran right through the fencing and in the the river area.

Hope he does not come back. However, neither will my llamas.. They would not even come for their favorite grain treat.. Ok, stay at the neighbors till later! I think I would also, if a cow had come into my home! Have no idea who he belongs to.. just so he does not come back!
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Yosemite Flute and Art Festival

Yosemite Flute and Art Festival.. September 23-25, 2011.. I think this is the 3rd. or 4th. year we have had the Flute Festival in Oakhurst. This year it will be at Sierra Sky Ranch in Oakhurst this is a change of location, just off of highway 41.

The plus is meeting the musicians, having an opportunity to take their classes, and listen to amazing music in the evenings. These artists come from all over the U.S.A.

Before this I really did not know what Native American Flutes sounded like. Now, I have lots of CD's and am learning so much about the flute it's self.

Be sure to check this out! Always something fun going on in the mountains, after, stop into Timberline Gallery and check out the local art.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paint- Anger Management ?

We live in the country.. The area we live in is called "The Knolls", There is a white fence on either side of the entry. Suddenly, a mystery happened.. the fence is pinkish and yellow.

Not exactly the color for a country fence and entry to about 60 homes that are on land from 2- 60+ acres.
Every one was thinking it was kids, and figured out it happened between 2-6 in the day light.
As the mystery deepened, people then got upset.. so 2 of the residences said they would repaint it white, but could use a little financial assistance.

They gathered a bit of monies, bought the paint and were in the process of repainting the fence white..
When a lady came up and said it was her fence and she would keep it these colors till the person comes forward that turned in her horse trailer for being parked out in the road, day after day.

Couple of interesting points. 1. It is not her fence, 2. her horse trailer was parked illegally, and 3. she has room on her property to put it..

Now, the fence has been repainted white.. the signs are being repainted by one generous neighbor who likes to do detail painting.. and we will see what will happen.

We have an opportunity to learn from others. This is what makes life interesting.
A giggle for the day.

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Postmarkd'art Exchange due Oct 31-11, Theme: Hearing

"Sounds of the Ancients".. Flutes, of course. I have some music books just for playing the Native American flute,, see how it shows the finger positions over the holes,, with this book you don't have to know the notes.

Stamping, hand dyed fabrics, Printing on Organza, and Machine stitching with variegated thread
The circular stamp I made was used for some of the back ground under the Organza.
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Search and Resue Trailer, mosquito netting

Bias tape is something we all find in old sewing containers at Garage Sales. My mom had tons in her button box with bits of lace. Some of the colors were pretty ugly.. bright orange etc.. So I threw them in dye pots.

My husband wanted me to make some mosquito covers for the windows/ doors of his Search and Rescue trailer.. They have a week-end training coming up.

He caught me before all the bias tape was dyed.. We measured and put the sticky velcro on the metal inside of the trailer and I applied the Orange bias tape to the screening.

then sewed the non-sticky velcro to the binding and screening.

He does not have the "window" open in this shot,, but it works. Now to see if he comes home with any mosquito bites..
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Peddlars Fair- Coarsegold, Ca

Peddlers Fair looks pretty quiet,,, but it was early, suppose to be in the low 100's and I have trouble concentrating on items if I get hot.Wearing a baseball cap, drink plenty of water and go early.

It is great fun to walk around and look at the variety of items... Loved this stack of old dusty coke bottles.. Some cases are about 10 years old and collected from all over the U.S.A.
Is this a collectors item? I don't think I would want to drink them..

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Daily Om,, Rest, Nap

I love to read the Daily Om, today's article is on resting/napping/ rejuvenating. Resting in the afternoon, is so much a part of the lives of so many of my friends.. I hate wasting the time to nap or rest. There are many reasons I probably should, but the day seems to escape me as it is... and I don't go late into the evening with chores,. Quitting about 6, dinner and then, I might create something by hand, sew on buttons,( not on clothes), read magazines, catch up on blogs, and a variety of things.

But to lay down during the day makes me feel like I might miss something, and if I read then I will fall asleep. I love the mornings with the sun just rising. Everything in the garden is fresh from their evening nap, bees are coming to life, and I have a gathering of hummingbirds. This summer they have been very demanding with the 3 feeders that are hanging on the back porch.

But back to naps.. My mother was older, in her 40's, when I turned up and I remember she always took naps when I was in my teens.. Hell to pay, if I made any noise and woke her up...

Maybe that is why I am not keen on naps.. Don't get me wrong, I do periodically lay down, but maybe that is once a year and at that time, I know I really need it.. The other thing I found out is that if the temperature in the house gets above 80 degrees, I fall asleep!
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