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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sierra Artist Flash Mob, History, Thank you!

It looked quiet to start out with, but soon we had a bit of a crowd. Yeah, even some found us on Facebook.

Jon and Carolyn were entertaining, dropping paint from the ladder, and the photographers were having a field day with sneak shots... always remembering to ask permission.

Our Art Flag table at a quieter moment.. soon all the spaces were filled. We had squares of fabric, permanent marking pens, and imagination! I think we gathered about 30 flags at the end, some of the artists took their art work home, the others were flying from the rope we strung between the building supports..
We also had some sales at Timberline Gallery.. We had guests from San Fran area, on their way to Yosemite.. Best to always stop in Oakhurst, you never know what we are going to be putting on..
The Produce Place supplied us with delightful sandwiches, and delicious home made soup. Many decided to have dinner right there or take food home. Next time we will have some music. Hey, musicians you really missed out!
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