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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Roses for you, Thank you

Thank you, Followers.. I am delighted to see more signed on followers. As most of you know I am not in any way a techy. Even lucky to turn the computer on and get a blog out to everyone..

Would love to be able to write monthly announcements/ letters, and put in all the exciting things that everyone else seems to do, besides being in the studio getting creative moments completed..

Have patience with my learning curve. I tend to get distracted, have good intentions.. and more ideas then I can cope with..

This is a "public" thank you for following me on my blog, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.member.

You are very much appreciated and comment sometimes when you see something that interests you... Have a wonderful day..
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  1. You must water your roses ... they're beautiful. Mine are mad at me. And, rightfully so!

  2. They are in a pot, that might help, and when I remember, I do fertilize... but rarely.

  3. Your blog is so engaging and interesting. I share your learning curve. There are times when I go off in all directions at once (at least my head does), makes me crazy.

  4. thank you Anita.. the challenges of the daily life of an Artist...


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