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Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Quilters Garden" Quilt.

This is the last flower to be done on the Quilters Garden Quilt. Making it on the Creative Sewing Machine at the store. Yeek, another computer! Yes, I have a newer machine, but it does not do Embroidery. I still like my 20+ Pfaff, and switch to it often, as the new one does not like some threads.. Fussy thing!

I took the class, once a month at Cottage Quilts for the last 13 months... Never missed one.. or at least I don't remember missing. My friend Nancy and I made the drive from the mountains and enjoyed our day in Fresno, wildly running errands after class, and visiting Joanne's before class. Have to use those coupons!

Have I finished all the blocks?,,, No,, some are not done.. But have decided not to make one big quilt. I will make it into two separate quilts. I will finish each block first.. Have learned a lot and some new tricks... Reading directions in the book that comes with the machine is mind bending, and some things are easier on my older Pfaff.. and it likes all threads..

As much as I would like to dive into making this now,, have 3 other things on the board first, and need to get ready for Sierra Art Trails, and go through some of the boxes that have arrived... will show those later.

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