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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom, Sierra Art Trails

A dear friend gave me a beautiful pearl necklace. I held them in my hands trying to decide what I might do with them.. Suddenly, a Prayer Flag came to my vision.. "Pearls of Wisdom" This is my 7th Prayer flag, and while I am enjoying making these and being part of the Prayer Flag group,, am I using this to procrastinate about finishing my projects for Sierra Art Trails?... Sept.30, Oct. 1 & 2..

I will have a few of these Prayer Flags for sale, but back to finishing the larger projects, some fun jewelry items, designing some gourds, and fabric dyeing scarves and T- shirts.. I will be showing at Timberline, and delivering pieces to Stellar Gallery for the opening Reception, on Sept. 10th.

Remember to put number 29 on your list to visit, Kathleen Mattox and I will be at Julie Mitchell's studio in Coarsegold.. just a reminder for you to put it on your calendar.. More regarding the event later.
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