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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magic Feather Project.

Every few mornings I receive an email from Jude Hill, and her Magic Feather hand embroidery work.. I really admire her photography and her direction.. A calmness I wish I could carry through the day comes over me when I read the few notes she writes.

So I decided when she opened up with an invitation to join and send her a piece of hand work, staring the Magic Feather, I would send one to her. I got out some fabric that was stacked waiting to be "something", and thought it would be perfect.

Jude has directions to share and I checked them out, very easy.. I sat with my embroidery threads and enjoyed the quiet time of a "stitch at a time"..

I had forgotten how relaxing it is to sit with needle and thread.. A few months ago I took a class that showed the embroidery with machines,,, I know now why that is not my thing.. I felt like I was rushing and the noise was constant..

If I did not feel the need to produce more "art".. I would enjoy the moments of quietness, of a stitch at a time.. to enjoy the breeze, and the quiet nature of our land.. few birds that flew by and the sound of the hummingbird flying in and landing on the feeders..

Is this what life should be, could be? And then I finish, and send this moment with the Magic Feather to Jude..I hope she likes it.
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  1. i like it, i posted about it here

  2. thank you Jude,,, hope your place survived the winds and water.


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