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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flash Mob, Coming Soon

Getting ready for the Flash Mob at Gallery Row in Oakhurst, Saturday Aug 13th, 6-8. We are going to have a table with fabric pieces where people can make their own Art Flags. This idea sprang from the idea of Prayer Flags.. We will put a cord on the patio posts and hang them up.

People can take them home when they leave or leave them for us to share and be colorful decorations. "Mountain home" I drew with crayons, pretty child like, and "Joy" is with colored pens. We were going to use acrylic paint, but I thought it would be too messy.. So now we are all going to bring a variety of easy products to play with..

Hope we get a good crowd.. We heard that some of our musician friends will attend.. Food to buy from the Produce Place. Come on dancers, artists and neighbors,, this is the first Flash Mob in Oakhurst.... should be great fun, bring your neighbors and friends!
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