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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Dares

Ben Peterson, Brandon Shapiro, Anthony Aguirre, Matt Peterson.

Glad they agreed to have their photo taken with the Sunflowers.. Brandon is over 6 ft. Some of the sun flowers this year are over 10 ft. high.. a jungle!

We had a fun time with Ralph's grandson Brandon and the musical group the Dares. They are off to their next engagement ending this tour with San Francisco..

Usually, Ralph and I don't sit and relax on the porch, something we should do. But we seem to look out and see things that need doing. Usually some seasonal thing in the garden, or near the river, weeds need spraying, trees need trimming or wood needs cutting, and it goes on. But when we have company we have the opportunity to relax and sit on the porch and just enjoy the beauty of the mountains and in this case, our new found friends.

Yes, it was hot, but in the mornings it is beautiful with the hummingbirds coming to the feeders, the breeze in the sun flowers and a fantastic blue sky.

Our Queensland Heeler, is not much on company and takes awhile to get used to people being around, but he was enjoying the treats that the boys dropped his way..

I am sure they will be back this way since we are in the middle of California. If you want to check them out The Dares.
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