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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bunnies, and Cows

I put this Bunny mat in the bathroom off of the Studio... Each time I am in there I laugh at the cute bunnies... However, when I am checking out my garden and see that the bunnies have been there, I am not as happy. They munch weeds, but also my veggies.

Below: Cows... I decided the Bunnies were getting a bit worn, and we needed a change. When shopping last week at Home Depot, or was it Lowes' I found this "Cow" mat.. So now this silly Cow is there to surprise people.

Each season, I say this year I will paint the walls, but for some reason I can not make a decision on color, time passes, yard needs weeding, dead lines show up for some commitment I have made with quilting. So painting walls goes to the bottom of the list..

So I have made another list, the must do's in order of need.. Does one "need" to paint walls? Maybe, but not today!

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