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Friday, August 5, 2011

Boxes- fabric

My cousin called from Florida, she was clearing out items from her mothers home.. Her mom had been an Interior Designer, and now is unable to work at her beloved profession.. My cousin, not knowing that much about fabrics thought I could use some of it.. Because of cost I suggested places around where she lives that ladies might like it, but she was feeling overwhelmed, so I said sure, send it to me to sort and distribute..

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It is like Christmas with surprises in every box.. Some is poly, and gave that where it is needed for maybe clothing or covering for furniture.. There are some beautiful pieces of silk, brocade, and some cottons. I have only opened 3 of them, and with each piece getting lots of ideas.

Even found some that I can use to cover some pillows.. and of course, used some silk for the prayer flags.. What fun, Thank you Karen.


  1. How nice, and how fun it must be to open those boxes. I love going through stuff like that not knowing what I'll find.

  2. Being the recipient of some of that fabric, I thank you and thank Karen...xoxo


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