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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Art Quilting Studio Magazine

Art Quilting Studio, love this magazine, so many wonderful ideas.. Usually, I go right to the articles and devour each one.. and then the magazine goes back into the stack.. This time I picked it up again while straightening out my coffee table for company. Ok, so I did not get to all the cleaning that day.. but it was men, so they did not notice.

On the inside of the front cover, I lingered on C & T publishing's descriptions of TAP, Lutradur and the books that go with the products.. I participate in the C & T Creative Art Troop, which is great fun.
As I read further, I noticed my name under a post card I had sent in and forgotten about.

I made it with Lutradur, Yarns, variegated threads, beads and Paint. I had been working on "sunsets" for another project and making Postcards for Postmark'd art exchange which is just one more of my passions. Wow, my piece is right next to Lesley Riley's.. how exciting!
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  1. That's pretty cool! You're a published woman now.

  2. Yes, it is exciting to be in "print", thanks!


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