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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Visalia, Thimble Town Quilt Store.

Visalia has a nice old town atmosphere, Movie theater, and a walking area with one way traffic.

We walked to dinner, and my husband could walk across the street to the Convention Center. I hauled all my sewing stuff to complete a project, my computer, fabric etc... Thankfully, they have the rolling stands that bell hops use,, no bellhops.. that would be kind of embarrassing any way..

First day I felt I had to clean up my emails... ALL DAY.. did not think I would go on so many tangents! Then Ralph got a call from Search and Rescue about two fires in Coarsegold... I called neighbors and it was on the other mountain, and not near us. No homes lost. And Ralph could not leave the meetings any way...

Monday, I went to meet my friend Cathy at Thimble Towne Quilt store.. It looks great, and they have a beautiful work room.. Looked over the fantastic variety of fabrics, Chatted with Charlotte Rogers. Remember Charlotte, she came to my house/ studio and gave our YoYo's a class in creating our Portraits.

Cathy and Charlotte looking at some wonderful Japanese fabric with fishes.. We discussed the fact that one could use the design and add some color with fabric paint. Cathy and I took off for Japanese lunch, visit to the Used Book Store, and Hobby Lobby.. Sadly the Visalia Art Gallery was closed the whole time we were in town.

Can you believe my luck Beverly's is right next to the Hotel.. Gee, had to stop there also.

Below: See what a wonderful place to work on my quilting.. even an iron in the closet. Took this photo the first day.. and it is the same the last day.. Just having too much fun reading, and cleaning up computer items, and taking lots of side trips on the computer... Oh,, did I forget to mention that I ordered books from Dharma... got a super idea for a different class in dyeing, more advanced, or experimental. I have to set a date for a Dyeing Gathering in Sept. More fun...

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