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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Timberline Gallery July 2011

This last week it was my turn to sit Timberline gallery. We had about 11 guests and some friends stopped by to chat also... Anita Stoll's piece is in the forefront and you can see a bit of the variety of styles in the back ground.

Our special display for the next couple of months is Yosemite. I had visitors from Penn, Texas, San Francisco, all traveling to or from our National Park with a stop over in Oakhurst.
Below: Joyce Wycoff digital photography pieces printed on Aluminum, sorry for the flash from the camera.. have yet to figure out how to stop that.. back to reading the instructions...

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  1. It looks like a lovely gallery. You're lucky to live where you do. It must be an inspiration.

  2. hey Linda...nice seeing you here...Vivian and I both belong to Timberline...wish you were close enough to visit...It is a beautiful gallery for sure as her photos show.....xo
    nice Vivian...


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