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Monday, July 11, 2011

Taking a Moment- Garden

I love this little rusty garden piece I bought one day at a gourd festival.. He is in a cool area of the garden. There is something about him.. and he is a him.. Don't ask why.. He just stands and guards this area so very well.. Although he is not great with ordering the gophers out of my plants..

I love the bougainvillea. It is among my favorite flowering plants, even though they do have big thorns. I have never seen one this small for sale.. Always in the garden shops they have the larger plants that are wonderful vines or that climb up a wall.. It will have to come in the house in the winter.. and I really should have put it in a larger pot... ah well... here is hoping.. Love the color. We bought other plants that have the same color flowers, but they just don't make it in our area.

Below,, pink flowers on this cactus, but don't touch the plant. That needs pruning also. I don't really like pinks as a color for me to wear, but love the grays, burgundy's , pinks and violets in the garden.

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  1. One of the things I miss most about Santa Barbara is the bougainvillea which grows there in riotous abundance. I need to look for a small one like yours to keep that sense of abundance nourished. It would be worth taking it in each winter.

  2. I agree with you, I found the plant at Home Depot, and was very surprised.. Thanks for Commenting!

  3. I am also a bougainvillia lover. Have had some that were spectacular but my attempts at 3,000 feet to keep alive over winter, even wrapped in insulation, failed.
    Maggi BB


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