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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Flowers

Nature is so amazing.. We must take a second to appreciate her wonderful colors. From the palest, to the brilliant..

I love Hollyhocks, they are tall, waving in the breezes, the petals like delicate, tissue thin skin, and with a few wrinkles. The stocks are strong, but the flowers are so dainty, the markings so exact, in shades of green and the palest yellows.. What a blessing to be able to give away so many wonderful seeds out of the dried pods.. Sharing friendship through seeds and beauty.

Sun flowers are all over our hill. Each year when they come up by themselves I throw the heads full of seeds, over the side, and now it is a forest of bright smiling sun flower faces, turning to reach the sun.

What a joy to see gold bobbing bright in the morning. Who said we don't have gold on our land
it is here for everyone to see and enjoy.

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  1. Oh this is beautiful!! Everything looks so lush and i LOVE those flowers in the photo.


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