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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prayer Flag #2

Well always something interesting happening,
on blog spot..I could not write below the photo. Now the photo has moved over and I have blue print. Aren't computers amazing, and who said they did not have a mind of their own. Well Ok, maybe I should name my computer, so my husband does not think I am swearing at him.

Do I give it a male or female name....

Back to the photo! Of all things a Prayer Flag.. maybe I will make one for my computer, to have and to hold.. I am going in the wrong direction now.. Back to the Prayer Flag #2.. appropriately named "Serenity".. From a quilt I sold last year.. Serenity is what we need, but knowing when we need it is sometimes the trick..

May you have "Serenity" during your day... It is Saturday, so enjoy some bliss.

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