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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prayer Flag #1

There is a wonderful grouping of artists making Prayer Flags on the net.. I was too tired to complete any projects after I finished framing my "houses". And I wanted to stay in the studio.. Using a piece of hand dyed fabric and a piece of linen that I was going to use for another project, I cut and tore the fabric.. I rubber stamped the words "Remember".

Why Remember? While working on the piece I thought it reminded me of when I was little and the linen cloths that were on the vanity table. I added some stitching with Pearl Cotton that I had hand dyed and yes, the linen was torn before, probably because it was used so many times..

Can I say this was relaxing, probably not, because I took all my boxes with trim off the shelf and made a bit of a mess. But yes, I am going to make more of them.. If was fun, and now I think I know what I am doing.. always a little intimidating in the beginning of a project, now I can loosen up and just have fun with it..

There are all sorts of ideas on the net, beautiful blogs to look at, but for now, I am going to the studio to make another Pray Flag.
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  1. What a great idea. What are you all doing with the prayer flags once completed?


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