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Monday, July 11, 2011

Positive Living Center- Our Land

We almost forgot, yesterday (last Sunday) at 5, the Positive Living Center had a celebration of our church land... We just have the cement and the pad is in.. We all gathered with our wonderful musicians playing a variety of songs and everyone brought food and shared drinks.. Water was the biggy of the day because it started out a bit hot..

Soon there was a gentle breeze, shade and wonderful conversation.. A nice big turn out. Some people danced, others sang and there was lots of chatter and laughter.. Monies was raised with a silent auction. We really need to do this more often...
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  1. Hi! I found you in a round-about way through Julie Mitchell. I adore your garden and your art. Best wishes from Wisconsin,

  2. thank you Angela.. glad you were able to find me. Hope the weather in Wisconsin is as great as it is here today. Keep in touch.. Your paintings are beautiful... hugs, vivian


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