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Monday, July 11, 2011

More necklaces and matching earrings

I am having fun and on a roll. Funky necklaces and earrings.. Found parts, and like a fabric stash, I have a stash of beads, and parts... Where to go first.. Glad that I have two areas of my studio... but lately they have all gotten mixed up..
Have one watercolor painting, unfinished in the center of the room, and one pastel drawing. A fun quilt that I want to frame, and when I am tired, am working on my Hexagon piece at night for hand stitching..

Went over to a friend's house last week to watch Those Pretty Bones,, I think that was the name. I took some hand work over with me.. My friend said, Don't you ever sit still and do just one thing at a time... Had to think about that for a moment.. Guess not... Every minute is fun filled..

By they way, have mixed feelings about the film.. Our group reads the book first and then sees the film at someone's house.. I borrowed the book for Sept.. Water for Elephants... I buzzed through that book.. Found it interesting, sad, and thought provoking.. bottom line, everyone has a story to tell... got me thinking of my past also...

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