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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lura Schwarz-Smith, Timberline Gallery, Welcome

Timberline Gallery welcomes Lura Schwarz- Smith and her hubby Quilt Artist/Photographer Kerby Smith. This is one of several pieces that are hanging in the gallery," Stone Dreams", is a beautiful piece combining photography and fiber art. The gallery is open 10-5 every day of the week.
Timberline Gallery has a wonderful variety of art work, from gourds, weaving's, mixed media art, fiber, oils, watercolor, pastels, ceramics, and jewelry.. Hope I did not leave anything out.
Oh, and Photography and Digital Photography..

Enjoy a cool afternoon in the gallery. As I mentioned before each day there is a different artist to chat with and learn about their art. Be sure to ask which pieces are theirs, learn how they create, and what their thoughts are in picking that subject.

When I sit the gallery, I usually, like to let the person wander around and feel free to enjoy, but I also enjoy chatting when asked a question. Artists love guests that are curious about the artists and their art... We also have a binder with the biography's. We invite you to have a seat and enjoy the atmosphere.
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  1. I wish I lived close enough to go to the gallery.


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