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Friday, July 15, 2011

Circle Pizzazz, Judy Sisneros

Last night a group of us from the mountains car pooled and went to the San Joaquin Quilt Guild in Fresno.. My friend Judy Sisneros was giving a talk and Power Point about her trip to Cambodia. She was on a humanitarian trip to teach quilting to young girls.. This was a very informative presentation. And if you have not had Judy to your guild or heard this you are really missing a very heart rending talk, with many funny highlights.

And of course, she brought her quilts.. Judy has a new book out.. Circle Pizzazz. Above is one of many quilts she brought to show. She is an excellent teacher. She taught from her new book Circle Pizzazz on Sat.

I am a believer in taking classes, you always learn something new.. Another fun happening..

Sometimes when we sit at our computers and "chat " on our blogs, we don't know if any one is listening/reading what we say.. No comments does not mean no one is watching! I have chatted periodically with a gal at the blog ArtsyFartsy.. you can see the blog address in my list. She had heard my name announced and wondered if I was the same Vivian whose blog she had been reading.. It was so much fun to put a face to the chatting.. She is a delight, and love how she changes the mundane to the extraordinary. She is a little thing, don't know how she manages moving the large pieces of furniture she revamps!

I had the opportunity to chat with other friends that I had not seen in awhile also.. Guess we need to come down off the mountain more often.
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  1. What a beautiful quilt.
    I've always believed in taking classes also, but they've mostly been academic classes. When I move to a larger town (soon) I think I will start taking craft classes and look into quilting and knitting.
    I'm new to your blog. I moved to Oklahoma about 5 months ago from northern California (Marin County) and it is certainly beautiful where you live.


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