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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Bench

Many years ago I took this photo of a bench in Newport Beach, Ca.. I don't like to change the subject when I see something I like.. I could have removed the Coke cup, but liked the color red, and it told a story. The story being anything in your imagination.

I won a Blue Ribbon for the framed photograph, and also sold it.. Which, for an artist is much appreciated.. I have a series of "slides" (old fashioned word), and process, of benches where ever I found them when traveling.

Naturally, this wonderful wrought iron bench in Solvang caught my eye. Are benches for the tired and weary, or a place to sit and eat. Take a moment and contemplate.. A bench is always welcome no matter if plain or fancy... Which one attracts you?

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  1. I think your benches could be intriguing subjects for little art quilts.


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