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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Banana Split

A group of us that live on the River, enjoy going out to dinner or breakfasts together.

My husband is not a fan of rare meat and love desserts. I prefer Rare meat then ice cream.. or better still I love salsa and chips.. So while we all ate our Prime Rib $7.77, special, he had dessert, especially made for him.. Pays to know the people in restaurants and frequent them often. Well, not too often,, will send him out in the field to do some more chain saw work on the tree that fell.

Below, is our friend Judy.. Her son has 5 little piggies, that are really growing fast, so we put all our left over food in a take home container for the piggies, and I caught Judy joking around.. Yes, I got permission to post this for all of you who know Judy.. Thankfuly, we were done with dinner, because we got the giggles, and I could barely keep the camera still. This is what friendships are for, fun and delight.

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