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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July 2011, a bit late

Yes, we went to the Tea Party 4th of July gathering in Coarsegold.. It was lots of fun, but very hot.. neighbors were enjoying the day. There were venders, with hats, jewelry, and all sorts of goodies. Thankfully, there were large Tents to sit under and finally a bit of breeze..

Barbecued Chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers.. I took some chicken home, and did not have to cook later! yeah. Music, kids singing, Golden Chain Theater gave a cute skit. Lots of patriotism and a thank you to our Military...

Linda Lanier was the guest recording artist. She sang beautifully, and brought most of the listeners to tears with the stories of our brave military men and their families that she had visited during her many travels..

A fun day of sharing with neighbors and no fires in the mountains... a blessing.
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