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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lura Schwarz-Smith, Timberline Gallery, Welcome

Timberline Gallery welcomes Lura Schwarz- Smith and her hubby Quilt Artist/Photographer Kerby Smith. This is one of several pieces that are hanging in the gallery," Stone Dreams", is a beautiful piece combining photography and fiber art. The gallery is open 10-5 every day of the week.
Timberline Gallery has a wonderful variety of art work, from gourds, weaving's, mixed media art, fiber, oils, watercolor, pastels, ceramics, and jewelry.. Hope I did not leave anything out.
Oh, and Photography and Digital Photography..

Enjoy a cool afternoon in the gallery. As I mentioned before each day there is a different artist to chat with and learn about their art. Be sure to ask which pieces are theirs, learn how they create, and what their thoughts are in picking that subject.

When I sit the gallery, I usually, like to let the person wander around and feel free to enjoy, but I also enjoy chatting when asked a question. Artists love guests that are curious about the artists and their art... We also have a binder with the biography's. We invite you to have a seat and enjoy the atmosphere.
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Pray Flag #3, God Bless

I came across some wonderful beads on ribbon, with stars that reminded me of the 4th of July...

Went to my scrap bag and pulled some red/white/blue fabric.. Guess I have been listening to the news too much... God Bless America, our young men over seas and God Bless, each other at a time when we must pull together. This is my Prayer Flag number 3.
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Banana Split

A group of us that live on the River, enjoy going out to dinner or breakfasts together.

My husband is not a fan of rare meat and love desserts. I prefer Rare meat then ice cream.. or better still I love salsa and chips.. So while we all ate our Prime Rib $7.77, special, he had dessert, especially made for him.. Pays to know the people in restaurants and frequent them often. Well, not too often,, will send him out in the field to do some more chain saw work on the tree that fell.

Below, is our friend Judy.. Her son has 5 little piggies, that are really growing fast, so we put all our left over food in a take home container for the piggies, and I caught Judy joking around.. Yes, I got permission to post this for all of you who know Judy.. Thankfuly, we were done with dinner, because we got the giggles, and I could barely keep the camera still. This is what friendships are for, fun and delight.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Visalia, Thimble Town Quilt Store.

Visalia has a nice old town atmosphere, Movie theater, and a walking area with one way traffic.

We walked to dinner, and my husband could walk across the street to the Convention Center. I hauled all my sewing stuff to complete a project, my computer, fabric etc... Thankfully, they have the rolling stands that bell hops use,, no bellhops.. that would be kind of embarrassing any way..

First day I felt I had to clean up my emails... ALL DAY.. did not think I would go on so many tangents! Then Ralph got a call from Search and Rescue about two fires in Coarsegold... I called neighbors and it was on the other mountain, and not near us. No homes lost. And Ralph could not leave the meetings any way...

Monday, I went to meet my friend Cathy at Thimble Towne Quilt store.. It looks great, and they have a beautiful work room.. Looked over the fantastic variety of fabrics, Chatted with Charlotte Rogers. Remember Charlotte, she came to my house/ studio and gave our YoYo's a class in creating our Portraits.

Cathy and Charlotte looking at some wonderful Japanese fabric with fishes.. We discussed the fact that one could use the design and add some color with fabric paint. Cathy and I took off for Japanese lunch, visit to the Used Book Store, and Hobby Lobby.. Sadly the Visalia Art Gallery was closed the whole time we were in town.

Can you believe my luck Beverly's is right next to the Hotel.. Gee, had to stop there also.

Below: See what a wonderful place to work on my quilting.. even an iron in the closet. Took this photo the first day.. and it is the same the last day.. Just having too much fun reading, and cleaning up computer items, and taking lots of side trips on the computer... Oh,, did I forget to mention that I ordered books from Dharma... got a super idea for a different class in dyeing, more advanced, or experimental. I have to set a date for a Dyeing Gathering in Sept. More fun...

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prayer Flag #2

Well always something interesting happening,
on blog spot..I could not write below the photo. Now the photo has moved over and I have blue print. Aren't computers amazing, and who said they did not have a mind of their own. Well Ok, maybe I should name my computer, so my husband does not think I am swearing at him.

Do I give it a male or female name....

Back to the photo! Of all things a Prayer Flag.. maybe I will make one for my computer, to have and to hold.. I am going in the wrong direction now.. Back to the Prayer Flag #2.. appropriately named "Serenity".. From a quilt I sold last year.. Serenity is what we need, but knowing when we need it is sometimes the trick..

May you have "Serenity" during your day... It is Saturday, so enjoy some bliss.

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Flash Mob in Oakhurst, come all

Welcome to the First Flash Mob in Oakhurst.. My art friends, Julie, Joyce, Kathleen and I were sitting around one day at the Timberline Gallery and trying to think of an idea that would be fun and NEW in the mountains. So this is what we came up with. Come and join the party,,

Visit with the artists, art lovers, enjoy great conversation, food, music.. This is open to all artists, ART LOVERS, Curious folks, Visitors to the Area, Friends, Neighbors. Bring your sketch book, paints, funny hat, camera, colorful clothes and bring a big smile to share and have fun. This is your party

Let's make it an event in the mountains.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prayer Flag #1

There is a wonderful grouping of artists making Prayer Flags on the net.. I was too tired to complete any projects after I finished framing my "houses". And I wanted to stay in the studio.. Using a piece of hand dyed fabric and a piece of linen that I was going to use for another project, I cut and tore the fabric.. I rubber stamped the words "Remember".

Why Remember? While working on the piece I thought it reminded me of when I was little and the linen cloths that were on the vanity table. I added some stitching with Pearl Cotton that I had hand dyed and yes, the linen was torn before, probably because it was used so many times..

Can I say this was relaxing, probably not, because I took all my boxes with trim off the shelf and made a bit of a mess. But yes, I am going to make more of them.. If was fun, and now I think I know what I am doing.. always a little intimidating in the beginning of a project, now I can loosen up and just have fun with it..

There are all sorts of ideas on the net, beautiful blogs to look at, but for now, I am going to the studio to make another Pray Flag.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Wall in Timberline

Because we are showing art pieces of Yosemite, I thought of this piece I did a few years ago.. It was a series of the 4 seasons.. Winter, ( above) and Summer available, the other seasons are sold. The sparkling blue sky's and snow crystals falling on the brown earth during the winter months are what made me choose these fabrics.I used many of my hand dyes and some batiks.
Winter is one of my favorite seasons now.. Used to be summer, but as I get a bit older, the cooler months are my favorite.

Julie Mitchell has a wonderful collection of her special Spirit Figures, they are usually scattered about the gallery, but this time she grouped the ladies all together..

Below: Kathleen's wonderful colorful paintings are the happiest pieces to see. I have her "Create", piece hanging in my bedroom... Important reminder to Create the day, however, I want.

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Timberline Gallery July 2011

This last week it was my turn to sit Timberline gallery. We had about 11 guests and some friends stopped by to chat also... Anita Stoll's piece is in the forefront and you can see a bit of the variety of styles in the back ground.

Our special display for the next couple of months is Yosemite. I had visitors from Penn, Texas, San Francisco, all traveling to or from our National Park with a stop over in Oakhurst.
Below: Joyce Wycoff digital photography pieces printed on Aluminum, sorry for the flash from the camera.. have yet to figure out how to stop that.. back to reading the instructions...

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Circle Pizzazz, Judy Sisneros

Last night a group of us from the mountains car pooled and went to the San Joaquin Quilt Guild in Fresno.. My friend Judy Sisneros was giving a talk and Power Point about her trip to Cambodia. She was on a humanitarian trip to teach quilting to young girls.. This was a very informative presentation. And if you have not had Judy to your guild or heard this you are really missing a very heart rending talk, with many funny highlights.

And of course, she brought her quilts.. Judy has a new book out.. Circle Pizzazz. Above is one of many quilts she brought to show. She is an excellent teacher. She taught from her new book Circle Pizzazz on Sat.

I am a believer in taking classes, you always learn something new.. Another fun happening..

Sometimes when we sit at our computers and "chat " on our blogs, we don't know if any one is listening/reading what we say.. No comments does not mean no one is watching! I have chatted periodically with a gal at the blog ArtsyFartsy.. you can see the blog address in my list. She had heard my name announced and wondered if I was the same Vivian whose blog she had been reading.. It was so much fun to put a face to the chatting.. She is a delight, and love how she changes the mundane to the extraordinary. She is a little thing, don't know how she manages moving the large pieces of furniture she revamps!

I had the opportunity to chat with other friends that I had not seen in awhile also.. Guess we need to come down off the mountain more often.
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Quilting, just for fun

Ok, now will try a different font, just for fun.. Colorful Houses, I decided to try another challenge.. oh, my font changed again.. oh well.. Will make a few changes to this piece, am having fun.. also distracted by a movie on T.V... usually never put that on while I am working on some thing... ok when I am sewing strips,, but not for thinking with any part of my brain...

Little frog on my sliding door,, is he just peeking at what I am doing, or does he want to come in.. Sorry, fellow, you need to stay out side! Our dog would not appreciate you!

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Positive Living Center- Our Land

We almost forgot, yesterday (last Sunday) at 5, the Positive Living Center had a celebration of our church land... We just have the cement and the pad is in.. We all gathered with our wonderful musicians playing a variety of songs and everyone brought food and shared drinks.. Water was the biggy of the day because it started out a bit hot..

Soon there was a gentle breeze, shade and wonderful conversation.. A nice big turn out. Some people danced, others sang and there was lots of chatter and laughter.. Monies was raised with a silent auction. We really need to do this more often...
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Taking a Moment- Garden

I love this little rusty garden piece I bought one day at a gourd festival.. He is in a cool area of the garden. There is something about him.. and he is a him.. Don't ask why.. He just stands and guards this area so very well.. Although he is not great with ordering the gophers out of my plants..

I love the bougainvillea. It is among my favorite flowering plants, even though they do have big thorns. I have never seen one this small for sale.. Always in the garden shops they have the larger plants that are wonderful vines or that climb up a wall.. It will have to come in the house in the winter.. and I really should have put it in a larger pot... ah well... here is hoping.. Love the color. We bought other plants that have the same color flowers, but they just don't make it in our area.

Below,, pink flowers on this cactus, but don't touch the plant. That needs pruning also. I don't really like pinks as a color for me to wear, but love the grays, burgundy's , pinks and violets in the garden.

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More necklaces and matching earrings

I am having fun and on a roll. Funky necklaces and earrings.. Found parts, and like a fabric stash, I have a stash of beads, and parts... Where to go first.. Glad that I have two areas of my studio... but lately they have all gotten mixed up..
Have one watercolor painting, unfinished in the center of the room, and one pastel drawing. A fun quilt that I want to frame, and when I am tired, am working on my Hexagon piece at night for hand stitching..

Went over to a friend's house last week to watch Those Pretty Bones,, I think that was the name. I took some hand work over with me.. My friend said, Don't you ever sit still and do just one thing at a time... Had to think about that for a moment.. Guess not... Every minute is fun filled..

By they way, have mixed feelings about the film.. Our group reads the book first and then sees the film at someone's house.. I borrowed the book for Sept.. Water for Elephants... I buzzed through that book.. Found it interesting, sad, and thought provoking.. bottom line, everyone has a story to tell... got me thinking of my past also...

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jewelry Making

I have been busy making earrings for Timberline Gallery and getting ready for Sierra Art Trails in October.. Have lots of ideas and the time seems so short..

October on one moment seems like eons, especially when I go out side and it is 104... October is the start of our rain, but hope this year it skips our Sierra Art Trails.. we will be doing Sun Dances for good weather that week-end

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4th of July 2011, a bit late

Yes, we went to the Tea Party 4th of July gathering in Coarsegold.. It was lots of fun, but very hot.. neighbors were enjoying the day. There were venders, with hats, jewelry, and all sorts of goodies. Thankfully, there were large Tents to sit under and finally a bit of breeze..

Barbecued Chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers.. I took some chicken home, and did not have to cook later! yeah. Music, kids singing, Golden Chain Theater gave a cute skit. Lots of patriotism and a thank you to our Military...

Linda Lanier was the guest recording artist. She sang beautifully, and brought most of the listeners to tears with the stories of our brave military men and their families that she had visited during her many travels..

A fun day of sharing with neighbors and no fires in the mountains... a blessing.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Flowers

Nature is so amazing.. We must take a second to appreciate her wonderful colors. From the palest, to the brilliant..

I love Hollyhocks, they are tall, waving in the breezes, the petals like delicate, tissue thin skin, and with a few wrinkles. The stocks are strong, but the flowers are so dainty, the markings so exact, in shades of green and the palest yellows.. What a blessing to be able to give away so many wonderful seeds out of the dried pods.. Sharing friendship through seeds and beauty.

Sun flowers are all over our hill. Each year when they come up by themselves I throw the heads full of seeds, over the side, and now it is a forest of bright smiling sun flower faces, turning to reach the sun.

What a joy to see gold bobbing bright in the morning. Who said we don't have gold on our land
it is here for everyone to see and enjoy.

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