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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quilters Run- Southern Ca. 2011

When I heard that the Quilt Run was the same week-end as our Granddaughter graduating. I set out to hit at least 10 shops, and vowed that this year we would not be late to the festivities.

Last year we happened upon the quilt run, and I collected 8 charms.. This year I have 10 added to my bracelet.. Each shop gives you a charm with the pattern. You can buy the fabrics, for the block, make a full quilt with all the patterns, or pillows, and table runners as one quilt shop showed. There are drawings, munchies, and goodies along the route as most of you know.. I heard rumored that one lady hit all the shops and put 1,800 miles, but maybe that was exaggerated.. But notice it is from L.A. to San Diego!

As you can tell from the flyer it is two week-ends, 4 days each..We started along the 210, hit central Orange Co. and went home via the 101. Each year the charms change, and this years theme was seasons. I wanted to collect some Fasset fabrics, and some look alikes..

Some of the stores did not carry either, but needless to say I did return home with a bag full of fabric and ideas.

As I mentioned each charm has the picture of the pattern they use, and on the back is the name phone, city, or web site for the store. Directions were great, and sometimes with a GPS, it was even clearer. Signs out on the road helped also.. Have fun, there is still this coming week-end.

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