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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fabric Dyeing Day is here

This last Friday and Saturday were busy fun days.. The ladies arrived about 9 Am, and with discussions on procedure, the process, how best not to leave with yellow and green hands, we had a fantastic day. There are many ways and books with directions on dyeing fabric but I learned this method years ago from my friend Nancy in Orange Co. It is easy, simple and fun.. most important FUN.

We filled the jars with salt, and then filled the jars with measured amounts of Procion Dyes.. this was after the fabric had been in the soda ash for the proscribed time.

It is such fun for the ladies to take home their colorful jars. I am hoping that they bring their fabric to our guild meeting..

Susan decided to tie some of the gravel on to her White T Shirt, which she then dyed.. I guess I was busy when she put it into a jar, because I have no idea what colors she used.. but am excited to see the results..
Every time, someone wants to try a new idea, and that is how we all learn something new, and expand the wild ideas from there. What some call Happy Accidents. Is this how art just grows from one idea to the other?

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