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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fabric Dyeing again, or still

Rhonda is dyeing fabric for her daughters expected new baby. This is going to be one colorful baby's bedroom.. We did a variety of ways of tying the fabric, colorful groupings, and it is exciting to see what the out come will be.. and then how she sews all this together to make the bumpers, pillows etc.. Even dyed the sheets, ok she did those a light yellow, just for a bit of contrast..

There was a bit of dye left, so I just had to find some items to dye.. I don't like keeping the dye over.. Ok, with the Soda Ash, but not the dyes.. Is that an excuse, not really, get it while it is fresh.
My friend Linda called and said she would bring her fabric to Church this morning.. she had washed her fabric and the yarns... She is so excited..

Linda and her hubby Rick put together the Native American Flute Festival Annually in Oakhurst in Sept. This year it will include many types of musical instruments.. Rick makes wonderful metal drums, and plays the flute and Linda creates bags and purses.. You will find them traveling in the U.S. to the various gatherings.. Look up Native American Flute Festivals on the net.. Better still come to Oakhurst in September enjoy that festival, Yosemite, and the Sierra Art Trails Home Studio Tour in October.. lots of artists up this way.

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