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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 2, Fabric Dyeing

You are right, that is yarn! Cotton yarn,,, anything goes in my Fabric Dyeing Classes. I encourage everyone to bring added items, Pearl Cotton, Cheese Cloth, an old T. shirt.

Nancy looks like she is rolling and tying a roast. I guess this is a bit like cooking, we do use measuring cups and measuring spoons. But that is as far as that goes, no hot oven..

Below is the Saturday Group... missed some photos of the gals on Friday..

This time I was not up on taking as many photos,, sorry, was a bit busy.. We usually finish "playing" about noon. Everyone brought something to add to a salad lunch. I provide the lettuce, bread, cookies, and juice.. It was delightful, great conversation, and no duplicates of the tasty additions, mushrooms, nuts, raisins, tuna, crunches, tomatoes, and a variety of dressings. etc..

See, no one has any dyes on them, this was a very tidy group! Last year I had to separate our more rambunctious gals, as they started to paint each other.. all in FUN.

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