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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alzheimer's Fund Raiser

This photo is a portion of a quilt I made and sold named"Serenity". I reproduced it on fabric when friend at Postmarkd'art asked if I would donate a fabric post card 6" X 4" as part of a fund raiser for the Alzheimer's Quilt Auction. All the information can be found on line on
this is a very informative site.

We have all been affected by this terrible disease, maybe friends or family members. My father passed over 20 years ago, it took 10 years as he kept forgetting everything. Then we did not know anything about what was happening and it was labeled differently. There were no help groups, and he was a quiet man to begin with, so it was hardly noticed as it slowly progressed.

There are some amazing small quilts that are available for auction, be sure to check the sizes before bidding, take a little time to explore this site, chose a gift for your self or a friend.
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