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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sierra Mountain Quilt Show, fantastic

Last week-end we had the Sierra Mountain Quilt Show.. and they do have a web site.. Kathy and I designed "Mountain Picnic" Quilt for the class we needed to teach in order to have our Show at the Yosemite High School.. We designed a quilt that was great for beginners and also for the advanced quilter.. We wanted to have a pattern that would teach, piecing, applique, machine and hand, and English Paper Piecing.

Our goal was also to have a quilt where the quilter could add a little of their own personality. They chose their own colors, and placement of the applique blocks.. This is a great teaching tool, because with a little homework they could have a quilt in the 6 weeks we had to teach the class..

We met once a week, and had a bit of home work, although they also had plenty of time to work in class. Kathy and I encouraged adding some beading, embroidery, rickrack and to experiment with the new techniques. This was a fun class, and we all learned and enjoyed it.. Patterns are available by contacting me on my email.

I am a member of the YoYo's Circle.. We have fun challenges . Our latest one was a portrait class, shown to us by Charlotte Rogers,, I wrote previously about the day she came to show us her technique at my house.. Here are the quilts displayed at the quilt show..

One of the attendee's pulled me over to compare me to mine... and asked is that really your personality? I have no now idea if it is, maybe 6 months from now I might put something totally different together.. But for this experiment it was great fun and laughter.

Give it a thought.. Do you have a teacher close by that you could invite to your circle, yes, we paid her for the day, enjoyed a salad luncheon and gave her a ride with one of our other members.. She lives about 50 miles away.. It was a day to remember.
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