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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paducah, New Best Friends, Paper Pieces, and more

Isn't that what the kids say it.... Best Friends,, I don't text so, what can I say..

The Paper Pieces gals were wonderful and kept us giggling at their booth. It was fun to meet Joanne in person, and drop off our Mountain Picnic quilts for them to see and show. They all had different coordinating shirts for the show.. Their booth was a delight in color and samples.. Joanne's new book is available now.. I will have some in stock for our Yosemite Mountain Quilt Show next week. I was delighted to hear that our pattern sold,, inspired us to produce new ones.. Thank you gals for all your encouragement.

Aren't the colors in Freida Anderson & Laura Wasilowski booth wonderful! I could have stayed here all day and night, glowing. Guess, I am not so crazy when I started dropping Pearl Cotton threads in the jars with my dyed fabrics... Laura and Freida proved that by having all the luscious colors hanging next to the small quilts. The patterns are wonderful. Be sure to check out the books.

Laura Murray's booth is abound with subtle colors. She specializes in stencils and rubbings, another of my passions. She has a new book out also. She has done an amazing job of self publishing.. I bought that also.. My bag is getting heavier. Can't wait to get home to stencil and rub fabric!
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