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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lessons learned or forgotten

I think I remember why I don't do exact piecing.. I did not like Geometry in School, and well, maybe you can understand.. Does this dislike of exacting, precision work, stem from the past and school years?

Janet Houts was a member of our Sierra Mountain Quilters till she moved to Idaho. She is still a long distance member of our YoYo's. She and her sister Jean Ann Wright have a new book out called "Circle of Nine". Janet is coming to teach at the guild in May, a week after our Quilt Show. I am excited, I love her book and the creative way to make a variety of Quilts using a base block..

Getting ready for the quilt show is crazy enough, but I thought I could just knock out these 12, 12 1/2 in. blocks for the start of Janet's class.

Not counting cutting the fabric,, I have spent 2 hours and have one square done.. And the worst part is it is not 12 1/2 in. I hope Janet has some great idea on how I can cheat... The other thing I had forgotten, that if you put light colored hand dyes on very dark blue fabric and then trim the 1/4 in. shows.. so all my orange stars are double fabric, the color is more intense.. Hummm, nother problem??? This might be my signature block on the back.. will try using a scant 1/4, I always forget that trick...

Now I remember why I don't do this type of quilting. Off to paint something... and pack for the show.. or weed, take a deep breath, the other 8 squares will wait...
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