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Friday, May 6, 2011

Classes in Paducah, and Friends

We made a list and signed up for classes... We heard it was important to pay for the Sneak Preview night.. We did , and it was so much easier to see the quilts and see the venders. Of course, this was the beginning of many times that we stopped by the "Bubble" a large white tent that was brought in to house venders and quilts that were displaced by not being able to use the Convention Center.
This was an extraordinary year with the threat of flooding, thoughts of canceling the show, and much more, too much to write about, other than we feel blessed that the trip was wonderful and everything fell into place beautifully. Yes, we missed some things, but my head is swimming with all that we saw.

My friend Jane is on the right as you look at the photo. This was taken in the restaurant where we met for lunch, and the quilt hung there is just for show. All the stores in town had quilts hanging in them.
Pat Holly, on the left, won Best of Show this year with her Quilt Paisley Peacock, and her sister Sue Nickels, both friends of Jane, they are all from Mi., although Jane lives in Calif.

I do not have a photo of the winning quilt, because I am not sure it would be right for me to post it.. Check it out on AQS, I am sure it is there.. amazing.. These gals are really reaping the awards for their fantastic quilts.. Sue has a busy schedule this year also, with teaching cruises etc.. I am hoping I will get a chance in the future to take one of her classes in Machine Quilting.

I signed up for "Get it in Print", with Andi Reynold's, very interesting on how AQS works with would be Authors. How the process progresses, and the responsibility of each party.

"The History & Development of English Paper Piecing " was also very interesting.. And I will show some more photos on that later. Mary Ellen Kranz talked about the "Top Ten Ways Quiltmakers Use the Computer". It was not what I thought it might be, but I learned so much... have notes,, but she also said if we signed a form, they would send us her notes, and lists of sites.. Thankfully, I wrote as fast as I could.. just in case..

Jane and I also signed up for the Movie "Stitched". If you ever get the chance, do see it.. Very enjoyable and gives you an inside to the lives of Quilt Artists..

Due to bus transfers and time we missed the Authors Roundtable, maybe another time..

The beautiful Baptist church opened it's doors to the quilters, and part of the exhibit. The town was amazing with smiles and welcomes.. I can only imagine, how hard it was to reset up in locations that were not scheduled..
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